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This is in the top 50?

A pic with a blinking light, then some poorly animated "fish" and a crude explosion. Sorry, this just won't cut it.

Viper-Studios responds:

Thats for abusive reply I get LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny stuff heh. But one thing confuzzles the heck out of me... you credited 5 audio artists... me one of them, but the songs aren't in the flash. Am I crazy or is there some easter eggs in there or something?



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nothing special. animation wasn't bad, concept is kinda kool(multiplayer flash game) but the actions and options are too simple, gets old quick, especially when sum1 enters the room and kills everyone in about 1/2 second. I guess this is easy to hack/cheat in. that made it really boring, and happened only 2 mins into playing.

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Nice animation, good overall

I found a lot of the time the aiming was glitchy. You can't seem to kill anyone with body shots and if you are shooting rapidly and you shoot the torso first and then the head, the head shots don't even register as a hit. It's as if the game thinks your still aimed at the torso because your clicking fast.


Graphics (6) It was actually decent looking.
Style (2) Its slots... nothing new or too interesting. 2 slots is still slots.
Sound (2) decent sound effects and not bad music.
Violence (0) 0 for obvious reasons.
Interactivity (2) Not exactly a lot to do and its basically click, wait and click... nothing special.
Humor (0) Not a funny game.
Overall (3) You did a good job in making this but its slots. Its not exciting or new. Kinda just a waste of time.

Good submition for a slots game. But slots is slots so its nothing special at all... Not to be negative but this shouldn't be over a 2/5

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Hey its been a while...

But wow man. You've grown musically so much over the last few years man. It really shows through. I'm not sure where you plan to take your music these days, I remember you talking about VG music production. You definitely have the talent to pull emotion into your music. This one especially.
This song... wow... It's deep. I don't really know what to say bro. It just grabs you and you can't escape it. It's so simple but complex all at the same time. This took a lot of talent. I know I said this in the past a lot but man I'm impressed. Your old stuff was good but this... this is truely professional work. To combine 2 such aspects of this song so perfectly... I don't even realize its classical and trance(a little DnB) put together. It is something all of its own.
Keep it up man, and I know you can go a long way with your music if you really want to.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

I don't really know what to say haha. I am very flattered.
I am scared to try and make a career out of my music so I still do it on the side, this was one of the first songs I actually had inspiration to do :-)

But thank you for your kind review and for still keeping in touch!! I haven't heard from you in forever!


Don't be discurraged by my rating. Not really enough going on here... your main melodys are much too soft compared to the percussions which seemed to be most of what you heard. And since your melody is of such low freq. and the percussions are louder and sharper and theres not much else going on other than a low freq bassline, your ears tend to focus on the percussion rather than the main body of the song.

This is very early stage, but can definitely become a good song. Just keep at it and do your best. Good luck!

1.49? pfft! should be in the low 3's so I'll throw my 5.25 X 5 which brings it to a... 2.33... wish I could do more for ya.

hanorotu responds:

I appreciate it. I will keep on at it :D

You got trolled...

2.80 after a couple hours sub... I feel for ya on that. I'm throwing 5.25 X 5 at this to help beef it up. Nice little tune by the way. Quirky and different. The bass was very well executed as it wasn't too much low freq. bass to go against the feel. The levels were nice. keep up the good work!

Oh and I liked the section starting at 1:06, felt very oldschool :)

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